Frequently Asked Questions2018-05-08T13:42:28+00:00
What if someone else is in my space?2018-05-08T13:56:25+00:00

Use our Vehicle Report Form to report any unauthorized vehicle parked in your leased parking space.

How do I update my vehicle & license plate number?2018-05-08T13:46:11+00:00

Please use our contact form (click here) and include:

Your name, Original Order #, new vehicle information (make, model, vehicle).

How do I change my credit card payment method?2018-05-08T13:44:33+00:00

You can update your payment method at any time by going to: 

My Account / Dashboard and click on Subscriptions

You then see a button that says “CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD” 

You will always be notified if a payment fails, and you have time to update your payment information on any given month. Your space will never be available to another customer until we give you 5 business days to update your payment.

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